November 25, 2015
1 Year, 10 months and 23 days since
our celebration.

Greetings Family & Friends,

The North American Chapter of the Chieza and Cousins Families cordially invites you to our Second Family Reunion event to be held in 2016.

Registration Details:

Registration for the 2016 Chieza and Cousins will be announced in due course.

To make this event a possibility, and to help cover costs including food, planned events, amenity rentals etc, we have established registration fees to be broken down as follows 

a) Adults - US$160 each

b) Children (6yrs - 12yrs) - US$80 each

c) Children (5yrs and under) - Free


For your convenience, we have set up an option to pre-register for the Reunion in manageable installments until the full Registration Fees are paid. 


How To Register:
1. Please note that we require you to complete the RSVP page first then:
2. Click on the Register Link or Payment Plan Link to complete Registration

Register link is for one-time payment and Payment Plan link is for the convinience of installments.



Hotel information will be announced soon.

Arrival/Departure Dates:

Please contact Dora Newcombe +1 780 760 6701, or Shaw Mukome +1 832 470 6041 or Nyasha Gwaza +1 608 338 3552 or Edgar Chieza +1 716 688 3813 with any questions about the event.

We look forward to seeing you at the Chieza and Cousins Family Reunion 2016.

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